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Who is TH Software?
TH Software is dedicated to bringing quality shareware to market, and providing support for registered users of our software. The software that you see here are programs that we use ourselves.

Why Buy Shareware?
Shareware is a marketing method. When software is marketed through normal retail channels, you are forced to pay for the product before you've had a chance to try it. The Shareware marketing method lets you try a program before you buy it.

So why pay for it? The reason most people register shareware to get rid of the restrictions in the shareware version, and to be able to fully use the product.

The other reason is that paying for commercial software is the honest thing to do. Shareware is commercial software, fully protected by copyright laws. It is different from freeware. Like any business owner, shareware authors expect to earn money for the work they put into the software. Also, by registering, you are providing incentive for the author to continue enhancing the product. Thank you for understanding and honoring the "shareware" concept.

A definition of shareware is available here.

Contact Information
EMAIL GRAPHIC Feel free to contact us at support at with any questions about PokerStat, or if you have any general comments or suggestions.

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