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I. Overview

The Database Hands List is used to browse through the hands in your database. For example, you can filter and browse through a certain set of hands, only hands with 5 or fewer players, or hands where a certain player played in by clicking the "Set Filter..." button to set the hands filter.



II. Usage

The hands list contains four buttons, "Previous 10,000", "Previous 1000, "Next 1000", and "Next 10,000". This list shows 1000 hands at a time. If there are more than 1000 hands being displayed, you need to click one of the "Previous" or "Next" buttons to view all the other hands.

The total hands in the list, and how much was raked from all the pots, and the rake/pot percentage are also shown. The rake/pot percentage is calculated by taken the total amount raked, divided by the total of all the pots added up. This gives the effective rake percentage. You can use the filter to specify different game situations to see which game situation has the lowest rake percentage. Note that the rake percentage means just that, how much rake was taken out of each pot on average. You have to take number of players into consideration also, for example, when you play shorthanded, you are involved in more pots, and tend to pay more rake.

Use the hands filter to view a subset of hands from the database. For example, you could view only hands where there was 9 to 10 players playing. Or you could only view hands where a certain player is in the blinds.

The information displayed for each hand is, for example:

HE, #87,534,568 - DemoUser won +$20.00, +10.00 BB, AKs, 3
The first word specifies the type of hand, Hold'Em, Omaha, Hi-Lo, and/or Tourney. The second number is the hand number. After that appears your player name, how much you won in dollars in that hand (or in tournament chips if the game is a tournament hand), how many big bets (for no-limit and pot-limit games, a big bet is defined as double the big blind) that amount is, and what your starting cards were (note that starting cards are always displayed biggest card first in PokerStat Hold'Em, and smallest card first in PokerStat Omaha).

The last statistic is optional. How many seats away from the button you were seated can be displayed . This can be set in the options menu by going to the [View] menu, and choosing [Options]. "0" stands for the button, "sb" and "bb" stand for small blind and big blind.



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