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I. Overview

The options screen lets you set various program options. You can reach the options screen by going to the [View] menu, and choosing the [Options] submenu.



II. Usage

The default directories/hand histories options lets you specify the default folder to use when opening a database, or when you are reading in a hand history/tournament results file.

The default extension for hand history and tournament result files option lets you set the extension for these files. To set to all files, enter "*.*". The recommended setting for this is "*.txt", since hand history files and tournament result files are text files.

The other options settings lets you set these four options:

The "User Sessions/Blocks" options lets you specify the time period between two hands for them to count as being in the same session or block. By default, this is set to 360 seconds and 600 seconds, respectively. This means that if you sit out for more than 6 minutes at a table, your play at that table will count as two sessions, and if you sit out for more than 10 minutes during any time you are playing on Paradise, your play at that current Paradise block will count as two blocks. See the [User->Sessions/Blocks] help for more information about what a session/block is.

The collusion tool qualifier options lets you specify options that affect how the collusion tool works. For more information on what these options mean, see the collusion tool help page.



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