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I. Overview

The database player list displays players in the database and statistics about these players. This lets you view things like the percentage of players that are positive, the amount of rake being paid, and to optionally display this information broken down by things like game limits.



II. Usage

To use, just press "Get Data". You can optionally enter a number in the "Summary player hands limit" box, to limit the statistics displayed in the text box to only players who have played a certain number of games.

"Sort by" allows you to sort alphabetically, by total won/lost, by average big bets won/lost per hand, and by number of hands seen. If you press any of the "Sort by" radio buttons twice in a row, the sort order will be reversed.

When you press get data, every player in the database will always be displayed in the list, no matter what filter settings you have. For each player, statistics about how much they have won/lost, their big bets won/lost per hand (for no-limit and pot-limit games, a big bet is defined as double the big blind), how many hands were seen with this player, their "did not fold preflop" percentage, and how much rake they have paid will be displayed. Statistics for all players are also displayed. These statistics are for all hands in the database that pass the filter settings, if a filter is set.

The rake is calculated for split pots by splitting the rake up among all winners, with any remainder after dividing the rake by the number of winners given to the winner with the lowest seat number. For example, if three players, seats 1, 3, and 8 won a split pot, and $1 was paid in rake, then seat 1 will have paid $0.50 , with seats 3 and 8 paying $0.25 in rake.

The statistics displayed for all qualifying players are defined as below (a player qualifies if they have played at least "Summary player hands limit" number of hands):

Out of a total of 1293 qualifying players
Percentage of positive players: 36.26%
  Avg. big bets/hand for positive players: +0.3954 BB
Percentage of negative players: 61.15%
  Avg. big bets/hand for negative players: -0.5063 BB
Percentage of break-even players: 2.59%

Total Won/Lost: -$1740.50
Total rake paid: $1740.50
Total of 9768 hands played

Assuming no rake:
Percentage of positive players: 38.65%
Percentage of negative players: 58.68%
Percentage of break-even players: 2.67%

Note about percentage of positive players:

Most players seem to observe that from 30-40% of players online are positive according to the hands in their databases. Are that many players winning players you ask? The answer is no! A player having overall positive results over less than a couple thousand hands does not mean that player is a winning player. Most players in your database probably have played a relatively small number of hands.

You need to observe a player for thousands of hands before you can determine if they are a winning or losing player. So, can you just filter for players who you have played thousands of hands with? If you filter and view data for only players who you have played thousands of hands with, you will tend to only view data on the winning players, and this skews the results even more. You should now find an even larger number of winning players.



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