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I. Overview

Use the Player Statistics Single query to view statistics for any player in the database. There is also a Player Statistics Table query for viewing information about up to 10 players at once. The Player Statistics Single query is useful for finding out useful information about a player, like how often they see the flop, and how they defend their blinds. This information can be very useful in helping make decisions when playing against this player. For example, if this player folds their blind 90% (out of a sample set of say 493 full table hands) of the time to a steal raise, you should usually raise when you're first to act in a full handed table in late position when this player is in the big blind.

Be sure to check out the tips section below for advice on how to improve your game using these statistics.



II. Usage

Type in a player name and then click the "Get Data" button to display statistics about that player. You can also set the Hands Filter to limit the player's data to display that player's results for certain types of hands. Clicking the Show Hands button will let you see the actual hands this player has played. You can also view and edit your personal comments/notes about this player. The statistics generated for each player is broken up into four types, "general", "preflop, "flop and turn", and "river".

The statistics displayed when the "general" button is clicked are:
Showdowns/total hands:		6.87% (138/2,008)
Won without a showdown/total hands:	4.83% (97/2,008)

Total won/lost:	+$84.75 (69.63 BB)
Average per hand:	+$0.0422 (+0.034674 BB)
Total rake paid:	$45.62

Limit games played (in big bets):	$1.00 $2.00 $10.00 
No-Limit games played (in big blinds):	
Pot-Limit games played (in big blinds):	

Percent of actions that are bet or raise: 14.12% (486/3,442)

Out of a total of 3,442 player actions:
Fold:	51.51%		Check:		20.16%
Call:	14.18%		Call (all-in):	0.0000%
Bet:	8.54%		Bet (all-in):	0.0000%
Raise:	5.58%		Raise (all-in):	0.0000%
Timed out (forced fold):	0.0000%
Timed out (forced all-in):	0.0291%
Note that if you are viewing Omaha HiLo data and showed down hands,
additional Omaha Showdown statistics are displayed.

The statistics displayed when the "preflop" button is clicked are:
Folded preflop/preflops played:	72.11% (1,448/2,008)

Did not fold preflop: 27.89% (560/2,008)
Voluntarily put money in preflop: 19.52% (392/2,008)
Went to showdown after seeing flop: 25.51% (138/541)

Bet/Raise preflop and won showdown: 59.57% (28/47)

Raise first in preflop/total hands: 3.83% (77/2,008)
Raise not first in pref./total hands (excl. "limp or call"-reraise): 3.19% (64/2,008)
"Limp or call"-reraise preflop/total hands: 0.10% (2/2,008)

"Steal" preflop/total "steal" opportunities: 15.81% (34/215)
Open-raise preflop/total open preflop opportunities: 21.45% (77/359)

After raising preflop, first action on the flop is:
fold	check	call	bet	raise	no flop action
0.00%	0.00%	0.00%	0.00%	0.00%	6.29%

Fold to steal raise when small blind: 97% (33/34)
Fold to steal raise when big blind: 21% (6/29)
Fold to non-steal raise when small blind: 92% (76/83)
Fold to non-steal raise when big blind: 60% (70/117)

The statistics displayed when the "flop and turn" button is clicked are:
Folded on flop/flops played:	36.41% (197/541)

Bet when last to act and checked to on flop: 48.90% (111/227)
Bet/Raise flop and won showdown: 63.01% (46/73)

Folded on turn/turns played:	26.21% (81/309)

Bet when last to act and checked to on turn: 36.21% (42/116)
Bet/Raise turn and won showdown: 76.79% (43/56)

The statistics displayed when the "river" button is clicked are:
Folded on river/rivers played:	22.49% (47/209)

Bet when last to act and checked to on river: 44.29% (31/70)
Bet/Raise river and won showdown: 88.89% (40/45)

Showdowns won money: 63.77% (88/138)
Showdowns lost money: 35.51% (49/138)
Showdowns even money: 0.72% (1/138)

Folded to a river bet: 55.29% (47/85)


III. Omaha Showdown

When viewing data for Omaha Hi-Lo hands, how well the player does at showdown is shown in the general tab. This shows how often the player gets high, low, or both high and low, and how often he/she scoops, three quarters, halves, or quarters the pot. "Pots won something or better:" are pots where the player wins something, but less than quartering the pot.

Note that the below statistics assumes no rake, and takes only the best hands into account. For example, if two people split the pot and a rake is taken, each player may receive less than half the pot, but that is still counted as "halving" the pot for this statistic. Also, if a player goes all-in and wins part of a high only pot, but another player wins the rest with a second-best hand, the all-in player is counted as scooping the pot, while the player who won the second-best hand is counted as not winning anything for the purposes of calculating this statistic.

Here is an example of the showdown statistics displayed if we are viewing Omaha hilo hands and have showed down hands:

Hi-Lo showdown statistics:
	Got high and low hand: 15.72%, (36/229)
	Got high hand: 20.09%, (46/229)
	Got low hand: 38.43%, (88/229)

	Pots scooped: 22.27%, (51/229)
	Pots three quarter or better: 4.80%, (11/229)
	Pots half or better: 34.50%, (79/229)
	Pots quarter or better: 11.35%, (26/229)
	Pots won something or better: 1.31%, (3/229)


IV. Tips

You can also find out how much a player (including yourself) paid in rake by going to the [Queries]->[Database Players List] menu. The rake each player paid is displayed on each line. The total rake paid in all games in the database is also displayed.

The below tips apply to full handed (8-10 players) hold'em ring games only!



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