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The image in the registration dialog shown above is of old, antique ivory poker chips. Ivory is illegal now, so you wonder how much these chips are worth...


I. Overview

The registration screen allows you to enter your registration information. You can use PokerStat in one of two modes. Either unregistered, or registered. Unregistered mode will have restrictions on the number of records of each type that you can have in your database, this is the evaluation mode. Registered mode means that the user has purchased a license to use the software with a single online poker User-ID on a single computer.

You can register your copy of PokerStat at the order page.

To use a single installation of PokerStat with multiple users, see the note below*.


II. Usage

To use the program in unregistered mode, leave all the other fields blank, and just enter your online poker User-ID. This User-ID will be keyed to your database. You may only use one User-ID per database. Changing User-IDs is not allowed. You must create a new database if you change your User-ID. Changing User-IDs is not recommended. BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR OWN USER-ID!

To use the program in registered mode, you must first buy the program at the order page. You will get your registration information in about two business days (in most cases your registration information will be emailed to you within 4-12 hours). If you do not receive your registration information, you may have entered your email address incorrectly in the order form web page. If you have not received your registration information after three business days, please send an email to

After receiving your registration information, enter your registration key, and then all restrictions will be removed, and you will get a "Thank you for registering PokerStat" message. Note that you must enter your registration information exactly as it's sent to you, meaning capitalization, and spacing must be exact. I suggest copy and pasting your registration information. If you cannot get PokerStat to accept your registration, send us an email!

To have
multiple users use the same installation of PokerStat on one machine, close all open databases. Then go to the [View] menu, and choose [Multiple Users (rarely used)], and choose either the default user, or the second user, or the third user. This allows multiple players each with their own User-ID to use one copy of PokerStat. Note that each person who wishes to register PokerStat must purchase a license. This means that if three players wish to use one installation of PokerStat, three licenses must be purchased.


III. Why Register? (definition of Shareware)

Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before buying it. If you try PokerStat and continue using it, you are expected to register.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software, and the copyright holder retains all rights. Shareware authors are programmers, just like commercial authors. Countless hours are spent designing, creating, testing, and documenting any quality Shareware program. The main difference is in the method of distribution. The author specifically grants the right to copy and distribute the software, either to all and sundry or to a specific group, for usage evaluation.

What does the author get for their efforts? Payment when a user, after testing the unregistered copy of the Shareware program, is happy with it, and chooses to pay the author via registering the program.

Why register, when you already have the program? Because having the program allows you to evaluate the software to see if it fits your needs. This is the shareware concept of try before you buy. Having the program does not give you the license to use the program beyond the terms set by the trial (PokerStat has limitations in the number of records in the database). Registration will entitle you to support, and half price on future upgrades. Purchasing the program also encourages the author to continue supporting the program, and developing additional features.

Registration also unlocks the full capabilities of the program. The shareware version has limits that are removed once you register. Anyone serious about using PokerStat needs to register to fully use the program.



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