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These usage instructions are for the Paradise Poker version of PokerStat only! The PokerStars version is similar, except that the it cannot track when the user has played a new hand. It works instead by counting the number of hands that occurs even when the user is not sitting at a table, and it will automatically count as one hand when the user first opens a table, also.


I. Overview

History Grabber is a tool to automate the process of requesting hand histories while playing online. For example, History Grabber can be set to automatically request your last 100 hands from the Paradise client every time you have played 75 hands. You don't have to remember to request hand histories any more while playing!

(paradise poker screen shown)

The picture shows "Duty Ace" cards. There used to be a tax paid on cards, and the Ace of spades was made more ornate to indicate that you've paid your tax. To forge an Ace was a capital offence, and the maker of the cards was not allowed to make his own!

(NOTE: HistoryGrabber may not work on all systems. HistoryGrabber should work on most systems, but some systems may be configured in an unusual way, and will cause HistoryGrabber to fail. HistoryGrabber works by sending the keyboard keys to request hands to the poker client program, doing what a normal user would do to request hands. HistoryGrabber can fail if the user types something while HistoryGrabber is in the middle of requesting hands.)


II. Usage

To use, first choose how often you want History Grabber to request 100 hands in the "Other options" box. You can set this by going to the [Tools]->[History Grabber] menu, and setting the "Request 100 hands after playing N hands." option. A good limit is every 75 hands. You can also set how many hands to request each time. It is recommended to leave this setting at requesting 100 hands each time.

Then, check the "Enable History Grabber" checkbox in the "Other options" box. A warning message will pop up stating that History Grabber requires a fast computer. (This is because of how History Grabber works. Every second, it checks all the Paradise Poker tables you have open to see if your UserID is one of the players sitting there. On a slower system, this may make the computer run slower. On a very slow system, History Grabber may not even work at all.)

If you plan on running PokerStat while playing, the "Path to my Paradise Poker client program" box gives you the option to start Paradise Poker after you start PokerStat.

That's it! Now, every time you are sitting at a table, and play a hand, History Grabber will increment it's internal counter. Once you have played the set limit amount of hands, History Grabber will automatically request 100 hands. That's it!


III. Title Bar (status)

How do you check HistoryGrabber's status?

The current status of HistoryGrabber can be checked by looking at PokerStat's title bar. The title bar also appears with PokerStat 2's icon in Window's start menu bar, so it's useful for making sure you've got HistoryGrabber working while playing.

There's three states the title bar can be in:

In the PokerStars version, the title bar will display the "@" symbol when the PokerStars client is running and historygrabber is enabled, irregardless of whether the user is at any tables.


IV. Tips

History Grabber is not 100% accurate. It may count one too many hands, or miss a rare hand. This is why you should set History Grabber to request hands every 75 or so hands. This overlap of 25 (100 hands requested, every 75 hands played) hands is ok, since PokerStat will only read in each hand once, and skip duplicate hands.

Also, if you are not sitting at a table, History Grabber will not count hands seen at that table. You must be sitting and playing at a table for the hand to count.



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