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I. Overview

The [Tools]->[Statistics] query allows you to view statistics on what kind of starting hands you get, what kind of hands you flop, how the flop is coordinated, what kind of hands you river, and other similar statistics.

(Card Statistics screen for PokerStat Hold'Em shown)


II. Usage

There are three types of card statistics you can query, "Starting Cards", "Flops", and "Final Boards". To use, just choose one of these queries, and press the "Get Data" button. Optionally, you can set the hands filter to only view card statistics for a certain time period, over a certain game limit, or any other criteria you choose.


III. Tips

Card statistics can be useful if you suspect you've been unlucky recently, and want to "check" how your cards and boards match up to what you should get statistically. For example, to see if you flop an A or K when you hold AK in the past 2 weeks at the expected rate, set the hands filter to only hands from the last two weeks.



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