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I. Overview

The tourney results list allows you to view the tournaments in your database. It also gives statistics about a group of tournaments for all players involved in those tournaments, or optionally, statistics for a specific player in a group of tournaments.

(PokerStars version shown)


II. Usage

Press "Get Data" to view the complete list of tournaments in your database. If you entered a player name in the "Player Name" box, only tournaments where that player has played in will be displayed.

You can use the "Set Filter" button to limit the tournaments by criteria you set. For example, you could only limit the list to display $20 tourneys, or tournies with 10 or more players, or only tourneys after 10:00pm (CST), or limit by a date range, etc.

The image shown in the tournament filter above is of cards from around 1850, designed by I. Wolf, published by C.L. Wüst, Frankfurt, Germany. The deck depicts scenes from the theatre play 'Wilhelm Tell' by Joachim Schiller. Only two copies of this deck are known to exist!

Explanation of statistics:

Total: 42 tourneys

Statistics for all players:
Total invested: $3770.00
Total won/lost: -$520.00
Return On Investment (ROI): -13.79%

Average percent rank finished: 50%
Percent times in the money: 22%

Average buy-in: $15.00
Average fee: $3.00
Total fees: $520.00
Total prize pools: $13,200.00

Average tourney time: 2.2 hours
Total tourney time: 44.3 hours

When all players are eliminated (levels):
I:	0.25%	II:	1.25%
III:	11.50%	IV:	22.50%
V:	11.50%	VI:	25.50%
VII:	14.00%	VIII:	3.50%
won (not eliminated):	10.00%
(note: the above data is fake, and is used as an example only. When players are eliminated appears in the Paradise version only)



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