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I. Overview

The tourney results table query allows you to enter up to 10 players and view tournament result statistics on each of the 10 players. This is designed to be used when you first sit down at a tournament table. Just type in all player's names seated at the table, and you can instantly view your notes on these players and see how they have been doing in tournaments.

A button next to each player name will let you view their individual tournament results.

The information generated by the tourney results table query is useful for helping to see who the good and bad tournament players are. Of course, you still must pay attention to the game itself, as playing habits may change, sample sizes may be inadequate, or a player could be in a different mood than usual, and playing differently than usual.

Clicking the "Fill from Recent Hand..." button will fill the table with players from a recent hand or any hand you choose. Click this button to choose a hand from a list of your 10 most recent hands, or to type in a specific hand. The players who have played in your chosen hand will be used to fill the table query view.

Pressing the "STATS/comments" button will toggle between viewing a player's statistics or comments. What are comments? They are like notes that you keep for each player. You can enter anything you want for each player's comments, and comments will be saved in your database.



II. Usage

Usage is straight forward. Just type in the player names, and then click "Get Data" (or you can use Auto-enter players). A player can be entered only once in a table. It is recommended to enter players in the same seat numbers as they are seated at the tournament table. This way you can locate a particular player more quickly during the actual tournament, for example, to update your notes on that player.

When you press the "Get Data" button, each player's statistics based on their tournament results will be displayed for each player.

If you enter a player that is not currently in the database, that player is automatically entered into the database. When entering players, you can use the right and left arrow keys to correct capitalization and make other changes. Note that even if you enter a player with incorrect capitalization, the next time PokerStat reads a hand history and encounters this player, PokerStat will automatically correct this player's capitalization.

The statistics generated for each player are as follows:

Pressing the button to the right of a player's name will bring up the individual tournament results for that player.

You can also use the filter to limit data displayed to certain types of tournaments, for example, $10 buy-in tournaments only, etc.


III. Auto-enter players

What does checking "Auto-enter players" do? Why would you use it? Well, normally, to see the statistics of the players at a table you are playing at, you would manually type in ten player names. Instead, by clicking "auto-enter players", the names of the ten players are read off the screen, and filled in automatically!

"Auto-enter players" works by looking at the table, and reading the names of the players at the table, the same way a user would. Because of this, if a player is making an action, or has cards covering his name, he/she may not be found.

This saves you the trouble of manually typing in the names of your opponents, letting you concentrate on the game more.

The "Auto-enter players" feature only works on Hold'Em or Omaha tournament tables.

NOTE: "Auto-enter players" works by actually "looking" at the game window to see the player's names, similar to the way a user does it. Because of this, sometimes it may lose track of a player. Unfortunately there is no way around this.



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