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Best times to play Online

When playing online poker, your goal is to maximize your win rate. You want to increase the amount you win per hour.

You win in poker by playing players who are worse than you. It would make sense that players who are worse than you are players who play for fun, casual players. These players would likely be working during the weekday, and during working hours. The best times to find these players you would think would be during weeknights and weekends.

How to capitalize on this? One way is to play during periods of time when your win rate is the highest. PokerStat allows you to track your results based on the times of day and days of the week.

Now, online poker is a global thing, so during any time of the day, you may find these "worser than you" players playing. But, worldwide, it's common for weekends to be days off, and in general, weekends are better times to play online poker.

Below are graphs of my play at low limits online, based on 100,000+ hands, showing my relative win rates broken up by hours of the day and days of the week. The hours graph is less useful, because I don't play at all hours of the day equally. For example, the 10-12 slot shows a huge win rate, but I rarely play during those hours. Also, the hours graph has data for each day of the week mixed into it.

The days of the week graph is more useful, and is below:

These graphs are all in Pacific Standard Time (PST). The win rate data has been "shifted" closer to zero so that my true win rate is not shown. The units are of win rate are not in dollars.

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