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Poker Etiquette


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   Poker Etiquette is part of the game. As in the real poker world, a standard amount of etiquette is expected when playing "online". Here are some of the general courtesies expected when you play online poker:

  • Whether or not you play like a champion, you can act like a champion.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Do not harass or intimidate other players at the table.
  • Do not criticize your opponents' play.
  • Foul or offensive language in not allowed in the Chat area of most sites. (Violators will lose their playing privileges.)
  • You can think or say things, just don't type them.
  • If a player is constantly slowing down the game (called "lagging"), you may bring it to the attention of the player, but please be polite about it.
  • Do not type in capital letters as it appears you are shouting.
  • As we all know, poker can be frustrating. Bad beats are a part of the game. When they happen to you, say "Nice Catch" or "Nice Hand" to your opponent or remain silent. When you draw-out and wish to comment, say something like, "Whew! I got lucky there!".
  • Some sites, like, offer a "Live Floorman". The Live Floorman can assist you and is available for your protection. Don't abuse it, but if you question the outcome of a hand or suspect collusion among your opponents, use the Live Floorman Button. A support staff member will look into your inquiry.

Thank You for observing online Poker Etiquette. It makes the game more pleasant for everyone.

Article source: A1POKER.COM

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