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Pokerstat Screenshots (1/3)

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NOTE: These screenshots may seem complicated, but once you use the program things should make more sense. The best way to see if PokerStat is useful for you is to download and try it out!

This screen shows the "Starting Cards" (for Hold'Em hands) and "Player Statistics (single)" queries.

The "Starting Cards" query currently shows how each starting card combination did for any player (screenshot above shows starting cards for player DemoUser). The list is currently sorted by rank, but it can be sorted by average big bets won/lost, or number of times seen. Free advice you can get from this screenshot, pocket Aces has a decent win rate, so it should not be folded preflop . If you click on a starting card combination you can get a more detailed view of how that particular starting card did. For example, the screenshot shows details for "AA", and the "Starting Card (Ring Hands)- AA, DemoUser:6" window shows a list of hands where DemoUser played "AA", and statistics on these hands. You can click on any hand in the list of hands to view the actual hand history.

Also shown is the "Player Statistics (single)" view. This gives detailed information about how a single player plays. For example, we see that DemoUser saw the flop 16.49% of the time, in limit games containing 6-10 players, when he's in late position. You can view statistics for a player over all hands too, or for any other situation by setting the hands filter. The next screenshot below shows what happens when you click the "Show Hands" button.

All player names and data above are fictitious, and created for the purposes of demonstrating the features of PokerStat. Images may change slightly in the final version. Not all features of PokerStat are shown above. For example, tournament results, player lists, and several other features are not shown.
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