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Pokerstat Screenshots (3/3)

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The "Player Statistics (table)" query allows you to enter up to 10 players, and quickly view statistics about them, letting you get a handle on your opponents when you play. For example, the screenshot above shows that player "DemoUser" on average wins .0347 big bets per hand, out of 2008 observed hands (a great win rate, but a small sample set). It also shows that player "DemoUser" saw the flop an average of 27.89% of the time. You can also enter comments about players (like player notes). These comments are saved along with the database, so you can view and edit them in the future.

The button next to each player's name brings up the "Player Statistics (single)" query. This allows you to get a more detailed view of how a player plays, and to view the actual hands this player has played. If you hold down the SHIFT key and press the button, the list of hands this player has played will appear instead. In the middle of the table, you get average statistics for the whole table, calculated by adding statistics for each player and dividing by number of players.

All player names and data above are fictitious, and created for the purposes of demonstrating the features of PokerStat. Images may change slightly in the final version. Not all features of PokerStat are shown above. For example, tournament results, player lists, and several other features are not shown.
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