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What Others are Saying about PokerStat

   Using Pokerstat is like having a VCR capture every observed detail of every poker session for your archives. The archive is invaluable in correcting your own weaknesses, evaluating your opponents abilities and tendencies, evaluating the expected value of your current table, checking the card distribution integrity, monitoring your performance at different game limits/types, etc.

   I started playing online poker in early 1998 at Casino Coco. Since then, I've played at ten different sites, and won at every site that I played enough hours. I play $15/30 and $20/40 Holdem at Paradise Poker. I only wished that Pokerstat was available sooner in my online career.
- FredAces, Professional Poker Player (Onlline & B/M)

   The most important stat on an opponent would be his flop-seeing frequency, the second most would be his blind releasing frequency (in tighter games). This info alone makes PokerStat worth purchasing.

   From my own 8-10 players profile:
   Did not fold preflop: 21.82%
   Fold to steal raise when big blind: 36%

   Anybody who sees more than 35% of the flops is definitely a fish, avoid the guys with < 23%, especially their raises. If you see a player releasing more than 55% of his big blinds to a steal raise, you can attack him from cutoff and button.

   Away from the table, perusing opponent's starting hands is a source of valuable info as is thinking about other stats of his/hers. Do not pay attention to other opponent stats during actual play, do it away from the table.

   And most importantly, look hard at your own stats. PokerStat's power lies within the realm of self improvement, not opponent crushing. It will give you more valuable info on yourself than on your opposition.

   Of course, this is all very hush-hush. I didn't tell you any of this.
- Angelina

      "Ever want to know what percentage of Holdem flops you (or an opponent) sees from the big blind? How about what percentage of showdowns you win? Pokerstat tells you this and much more, putting a mountain of objective, statistical knowledge at your fingertips. Unwieldy and confusing pages of hand history data about yourself *and* your opponents are instantly summarized into clear, concise, concrete facts. Knowledge is power, making Pokerstat one powerful program for online poker players."
- Steve Badger (world champion poker player)

      "Just what I wanted, something that helps make me more money with online poker. A few mouse clicks, and every hand you have played is ranked and sorted, plus a ton of statistics. The software has many features, for example, one I found interesting was a list of every opponent and how much they have won/lost. The list had who would you expect was winning (the better players), but with a few surprises. A few that I've paid little attention to, it seems.

      Every hand you play is a lesson, PokerStat allows you to review the lessons you didn't pay attention to the first time. You've already paid for these lessons. Use them, because some of your opponents are using them against you with PokerStat!"
- MS Sunshine (online poker pro)

      "Just a short note to say thank you for the wonderful PokerStat program. I've read lots of books since taking up hold'em, but none have made me see the mistakes in my game as well as PokerStat. While I'm certain I'll never be a great player (perhaps not even a consistent winner) I do feel that your program has given me an edge over players of a similiar ability. I've gone from bottom of the money list in my player database to the top since buying it! In fact I like it so much that I've recommended it in the beginners post of the 2+2 forum, although I'm not sure if I should've done this because I don't want too many people knowing how useful it is!"
- DS (poker player from London)


More testimonials

      One thing I like about it is that it keeps track of my progress much better than I do.

      My favorite thing about this program is that it is able to sort through many hands using filters to show the results of different starting cards. This seems to help bring home the importance of strong starting hands.

      The one thing I like best besides the obvious (brilliant tool for a serious pokerplayer) is the historygrabber feature. It enables me to concentrate on the play by not having to check ever so often if it is time to request hand histories (I always play two tables). I don't miss any hands now!

      PokerStat makes it real easy to dump KJo, early position in an aggresive, semi-tight 3/6 game. The profit just is not there. You can not argue with the numbers. I got away playing that hand in 1/2 but not at this level.


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PokerStat is a shareware program. This means that you can download and try a fully functional evaluation version, with the exception of restrictions on database size. The restrictions are 1200 hands, 600 player comments, and 24 tournament results in the database. These restrictions are there to encourage users to purchase/register PokerStat, and these restrictions will be removed in the purchased version. View license agreement or revision history.

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